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Our Impact

We work to keep underfunded schools and health centers in marginalized Haitian communities open and move them toward

Health and education institutions committed to human advancement in low-income communities often struggle to access the resources needed to meet the needs of community members. CHF Foundation works with partners to close the resource gaps. We also strategies , plan, and launch programs to reduce their dependence on aid.


What we do

We help close the financial, material, intellectual and human resource gaps of underfunded schools and hospitals serving marginalized, underserved, underdeveloped Haitian communities.

We Find & Fund

We identify and fund already operational, licensed, and registered healthcare and education institutions serving low-income communities needing financial and material support to continue providing life-changing services to their beneficiaries.

We Develop and Launch Program

We work closely with our local healthcare and education partners to develop contextually relevant healthcare, education and workforce developement pograms desgined to improve the standard of living , and mindset of community members.

We Match

We match foundations, suite executives, businesses, and individuals to our local partners’ healthcare, education, and workforce development programs.

We revitalize communities

We run organizations where we employ youngsters so they can live their dreams for themselves and their families.

Our numbers that speak

Every year since 2018 we’ve increased our impact in marginalized Haitian communities thanks to donors like you.

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