Our Programs


  • Improve access to affordable healthcare
  • Targeted disease prevention and control
  • Maternal and child health
  • Collaborations and referrals
  • Data collection


  • Empower marginalized communities
  • Improve access to quality education
  • Improve educational outcomes
  • Promote lifelong learning
  • Cultivate creativity and innovation

Workforce and Economic Development

  • Increase employment opportunties
  • Enhance job skills
  • Promote entrepreneurship
  • Promote financial literacy
  • Promote sustainable development


Mobile Clinics

Our mobile clinics bridge the gap between underserved communities and healthcare services by bringing medical care directly to them.

Integrated Services

  • 200-250 Individuals per clinic 
  • Newborns to Seniors  
  • Medical Consultation 
  • Labwork 
  • Mental Health Counseling  
  • Free Medication 
  • Free Hospital transportation and referral for emergency cases 
  • Nutrition 
  • Drinking Water 
  • Health Education 

24-Hour Daycare

Our 24-Hour daycare houses  21 little ones recovering from severe malnutrition from displaced families.  We are not an orphanage. The majority of our little ones have immediate family.  Their parents or guardians do not have the financial means to provide adequate care to their little ones.

Team of 10 dedicated to the children 

  • Doctors, Nurses, Nannies, Support Staff
  • Six (6) Meals per day 
  • Enrichment Activities 
  • Full access to medical services
  • Monthly Family day 
  • Unlimited family visits

Pre and Postnatal Care

Access to quality prenatal care during pregnancy allows for early detection and management of potential risks and complications, reducing the likelihood of fetal, infant, or maternal death.

Services Mothers in the program will receive

  • 1 Ultrasound each trimester 
  • One general consultation (including labs) per quarter 
  • Free Medications 
  • Counseling and child development and care education  
  • Breastfeeding support (or formula for the newborns)
  • Nutritional support for mothers 
  • 8 week postnatal support 

Post-Secondary Education

Post-secondary education holds significant importance for low-income, at-risk youth, providing them with invaluable opportunities for personal growth, social mobility, and economic stability equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to secure higher-paying jobs and break free from the cycle of poverty. This program is our way of disrupting the Highschool-to-gang pipeline.


  • Trades : Plumbing, electricity, ceramic laying, sewing, computer literacy, cosmetology
  • Medical : Nursing, Nurse Aid, Lab Tech, Pharmacy Tech

Financial Literacy Education

Provide affordable contextually , and developmentally appropriate financial literacy courses.

Micro-Loan Revolving Fund

Upon successful completion certificate holders will have access to a micro loan to help start or boost their small business.

Personal Growth and Dev. Education

Post-Secondary education students will have access to resources to help build and improve personal, professional and social relationships.